Kid’s Parties

Westbrook Lanes Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Vote Bowling Birthday Parties #1. When you're looking for a birthday party place in Brooklawn...Westbrook Lanes is your party headquarters.

We understand that home birthday parties are a lot of work: picking a birthday theme, getting party invitations, decorating for the party, cooking, entertaining during the party, and then cleaning up after the guests leave!

Here's A Great Idea...Let Us Do All Of The Work!

You want the party to be perfect and we know it can be stressful! So instead of stressing out - we have an easy & affordable party solution.

Call 856-456-2692 or submit a form here to book your party today!

Additional Add-ons available for every party....

  • Signature Pin & Balloon Bouquet for guests to sign - $10
  • Goody bags for each child - $5/child
  • Plain Pizza - $12/pie

5 Reason's You'll Love A Bowling Party With Us!

#1 Everyone loves to bowl – and can participate!

#2 We know what kids like – fun, fun, fun!

#3 Value • Value • Value – parents want it and we provide it!

#4 It’s a FANTASTIC PARTY with no stress!

#5 It’s Easy – reserve your party now and we’ll do the rest!

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